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When balloons overlap...


Sometimes the balloons for tours and events will overlap if they are in the same town or city. To be sure you’re seeing all the events, do one of the following:
• Click on the Schedule tab to see individual listings (you can click on a state in the Where section to narrow the search)
• Focus on a category in the What section, such as Garden Tours, by deselecting the other categories
• Enlarge the display view by zooming in on the area (double click left mouse button)
• Specify a date in the When section


By default, all categories of events are selected and the map displays.

To view the map locations and schedule for one category, such as Garden Tours, deselect the other categories by clicking the √ in front of the category. Only the garden tour locations display on the map and in the schedule.

When you move the cursor over a balloon, a popup box displays the title and date of the event. When you click on the balloon, a larger box displays. To view more information on the event, click on Details in the box. The Details dialog box displays with information on the event. Use the scroll bar on the right to view all the data. To print the information, click on Print in the right hand corner. To close the box, click on Close or on the × button.

To view the map and schedule for the whole New England area, click on New England. To view information for a specific state, click on the state. If the Google map balloons overlap:
• Click on the + button in the left corner of the map to zoom in on the area. To move the focus to a specific area, left click and hold the mouse button while moving the mouse to view that area. Note: You may need to zoom several times to enlarge an area enough to see all the balloons for a specific location such as Boston or Portland.
• Click on Schedule and see the event listings for New England or the state you have selected.

By default, the All button is selected. The events for the category selected in the What section dating from today onwards display on the map and in the schedule listing.
To view events for a single date, click on the Date button. The Date entry box displays. When you click on the entry, a calendar displays. Select a date from the calendar. The map displays the locations for events taking place on that date.
To view events for a range of dates, click on the Date Range button. The Begin Date and End Date entry boxes display. Click on the entry boxes to select the range of dates. The map displays locations for events taking place on and between those dates.

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