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Welcome to this new section of Garden Tours New England. When you're planning which garden tours to attend this summer, consider visiting public gardens as well. You'll be surprised at the hidden treasures that abound in your area or farther afield. New England offers a wealth of gardens open for public enjoyment, some year-round, often with special events to keep you coming back. They range from the well known such Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts to the smaller, delightful surprises such as Tarbin Gardens in Franklin, New Hampshire.

To get this section underway, I've started with several gardens for each state, providing a description for each one. Some of these I've visited in the past and have provided a link to either my photo gallery or blog for further information. While I list the address, phone number, and website link for each garden, I have not included hours or other pertinent information as these can change over time. So please call or check each garden's website for the most current information on hours, admission fees, directions, and events.

I will be adding to this list each month as time allows and hope this section will encourage people to visit these gardens, many of which are on our doorstep! Also, write to me with additional information for the gardens listed or suggestions on gardens to add based on your experiences. I would love to hear from you!

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