Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden

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If you’re in the Providence area and want a break from winter, the Roger Williams Park Botanical Garden is the place to go.  While it has the largest indoor botanical garden in New England, it doesn’t take more than an hour to see and enjoy.  It has plenty of seating areas that you let you relax and enjoy its warmth and beauty, transporting you if even for a short while to the tropics.

When I visited this past week, there were several families with young children enjoying the koi pond and fountain areas.  Adults sat on benches chatting or reading.  It’s a wonderful reprieve from this long winter season.

I would like to return to the park in the warmer months to see the outdoor gardens as well.  The park covers more than 400 acres and includes seven lakes.  It was constructed in the 1880’s and is reminiscent of Central Park in New York City with its gently rolling landscape, bridges, and walkways.  You can rent boats and kayaks at the Dalrymple Boathouse.  Of course, there’s also a zoo nearby as well as a museum and planetarium among other attractions.  Well worth a return visit.

By the way, follow the directions given at the garden’s website; Google’s directions were a bit of a goose chase!


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